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Avraham Tuval - Private Tour Guide

Logo Design
Web Design
Webflow Development

Let's begin by saying - If you ever visit Israel, do yourself a favour and hire Avraham as your tour guid for at least 1 day tour.

Avraham offers a variety of tours all along Israel, and the neighbouring countries.
On the website launch day, we had:

  • 40 Tours
  • 12 Areas
  • 5 Categories
  • 5 Stories to tell
  • 3 Types of clients
  • 90 Testimonials
  • and 2 Languages

This made things quiet complex...
Building the databases behind the website began even before the design was complete! Creating lists with multi references for categories and clients types, references to areas and related stories, and conditional visibility for everything depending on the language.

The design process started with a logo re-design. The old logo was too complex, packed with details and did not give the right impression. I took the old logo and reshaped, updated and simplified.

Avraham Tuval Old Vector
After The old vector used as a Logo

Yearning for nature and sightseeing, vintage - but not old. This what I had in mind while creating the Logo:

Avraham Tuval Logo
The new Logo

Once we had the logo, we started working on a visual language and colour palette, and after that, prototyping and designing the Home Page.
The decision was to show a small taste of the most important pages - the tours page & the about page. On the Hero section we present a dynamic carousel with Avraham's top tours. Each item has a headline, image and a short description, taken from our tours collection and obviously links to the tour's page.

Next we have all the sites categories, presented with line icons, for quick and easy navigation.

Avraham Tuval's Home Page
Avraham Tuval's Home Page

The next section is an interactive map, custom designed for the website, to fit the areas of the tours Avraham offers. This is a combination of vector graphic editing, HTML and 3rd party plugin integration (tool tips).

Next section is a short testimonial section, with some of Avraham's favourite TripAdvisor testimonials. There are more great reviews on the About page, and a ton more on Avraham's TripAdvisor page.

Last, but not least - The bottom sections:

  1. Contact strip, on every page - so potential customers won't have to navigate to a different page if the want to drop a quick question.
  2. Footer section with all the important pages, information and a newsletter subscription form.