What's my story?

I love creating, I love design, I love the computers. Combining these 3 loves of mine together, makes it obvious why I do what I do...
Ever since I can remember, I have always been designing and creating interesting spaces with shapes and fonts. Drawing on the walls of my bedroom, using patterns and typography to create a new look.

After spending several years having my own business in Germany, I came back to Israel and started Designing for OMGwhen. During 2018 I was a part of IGNITE, a Blockchain agency. We specialised in giving the best visual and textual solutions for blockchain based startups.

My expertise is in Designing, Developing and Building Websites for individuals and businesses. I also design for print & digital, mobile apps, and basically anything I can manipulate with my software. Motion Graphics is a recent passion of mine, grooming and nourishing it as much as I can.
My strongest plus is my love for learning new skillz. I learn by myself, if from Online curses or just YouTube videos.

* I'm mostly attracted to the less obvious choices, the ‘underdog’ style, the one that’s more unique and way cooler !

Featured Works:


A middle eastern food stall in the Kiwi land of New Zealand.

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Ornella Catonio

Parisian based services for events and more

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Tali Laub - Architecture

A pixel perfect project, for a high level architecture office.
Designed and built through careful attention to minimalist style and attention to details. Modern look and feel, with the complexity of dynamic data for easy updating projects and information by the client.

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Rina Maimon

A new age Pop-Artist in an Era of massive technology.

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2key - Blockchain based startup

Revolutionizing word-of-mouth by infusing smart contracts &
multi-step-tracking into web links

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PRIMARY - Blockchain based startup

the first business network that incentives professionals to build connections.

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Website for an Office and bureaucracy assistant service.

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Almogly - Kids

Birthdays or daily fun, an interactive website with information about the activity and fun for the kids.

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Amit Levy - Director

An amazing Movement Director and theater artist.

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Webflow HTML+CSS

Mobile phones models created in Webflow, HTML and CSS code.
For minimizing web page weight, and the advantage of interactivity - using HTML and CSS to create an image like element.

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Fun stuff

When I have some free time, I still work the graphics ;)


Nitzan Rozenberg

Film, TV and Digital producer, Editor and Creator.
Using moving images (GIFs) and full page sections, mimicking the "other world" of movies and TV.

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STARI - Blockchain based startup

Stari is a social football platform that allows fans to vote for upcoming players - and profit from their success.

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Photography school and house of knowledge.

Some Motion Graphics I've created
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